Being a fellow legal professional, I was very selective in choosing my legal representation. After meeting with an array of top criminal lawyers, it was evident to me that Amy (Ashworth Lawyers) had everything I needed in terms of professional legal expertise - excellent knowledge that she was able to explain concisely, combined with substantial experience.

Over and above her legal prowess was her outstanding client focus and service. At a time when I was experiencing stress, confusion and shock, Amy demonstrated empathy, respect and support.

I was very satisfied with the process as well as the outcome. Amy succeeded in having the matter withdrawn without charges being laid. I thoroughly recommend Ashworth Lawyers. They are legal advisors you can trust and want by your side
— February 2018
Am really thankful to you Jessica and Amy from my heart. I am truly satisfied with the outcome. Very good advice and no delay in the work. I was truly impressed by your quality of advices and by your hard work. Thank you.
— January 2018
This is the first time I have been involved in any legal matter and was quite worried in beginning. I would like to thank Amy and her team for helping me to get this legal matter resolved.
I am really satisfied with the outcome of the case, good service provided, and their work efficiency. I highly recommend Amy and her team’s legal service if you are seeking legal advice.
— October 2017
Thank you for everything you did for me !
— October 2017
Thank you for all of your help when I was in trouble I appreciate it and it is not forgotten. Very professional service . It is good to be home again.
— May 2017
Thanks to exemplary work of Ashworth Lawyers we achieved the best possible outcome for our case.

From beginning to end Amy’s advice and guidance on how to see the matter through each stage was spot on and everything turned out exactly as she said it would. She left no stone un-turned, calculated every possible scenario and laid all the choices before us making our decision much easier and much less stressful.
— January 2017
We were very happy with Ashworth Lawyers. Everything from the quality of information you provided us with to the promptness of returning our calls was fantastic. I’d also like to say the level of professionalism on the day of court was outstanding & very much appreciated.
— September 2016
I was absolutely astounded by the way in which my matter was treated with such urgency and importance. Amy acted immediately to do a few checks. It felt as though she had taken ownership of my matter and this reassured me. I am very grateful for the excellent advice and the way that the matter was resolved so quickly. I would very highly recommend Ashworth Lawyers to anyone. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and a huge weight of anxiety was lifted.
— November 2015
During a most difficult time for our family, Amy was a source of expert legal advice. From the first point of contact she maintained regular communication. Her professional knowledge and experience resulted in achieving the best possible outcome. Ashworth Lawyers receive the highest recommendation from us.
— September 2015
Amy has a very professional legal knowledge and rich experience, with a highly effective work attitude and strong communication skills. She was the best solution for us and I am very satisfied with the result
— July 2015
The best thing about this experience was feeling confident that I had a lawyer who knew the laws surrounding my case, the best options and the professionalism with which it was all handled. Amy was an excellent choice for my case.
— (May 2015)
Ashworth Lawyers brings clear legal knowledge and expertise to the table. Communication was prompt and helpful when I need it the most, I’m very satisfied with the outcome that I got since it was much better than expected
— (April 2015)
Although it was a difficult time waiting, with your expertise and experience, also the ability to communicate with the prosecutor, the matter finished earlier and it ended well. Everything was alright at the end.
— (November 2014)
I would consider that Amy would be in the absolute top bracket of lawyers in her field. She has immense experience and understands the legal arguments as well as the intricacies required to handle such a complex case as mine
— (October 2014)