Traffic offences


We are Brisbane traffic lawyers and understand the impact a loss of licence on individuals and families. This is a serious consequence for most persons and in addition to a disqualification period or imprisonment, the amount of a fine can be significant. It is important to get advice early. We act in all minor and serious offences, whether it is for a first offence or a repeat offence. 

Traffic law is a complex area of law and requires expertise and regular practice to give accurate legal advice as it is often changing. We give comprehensive advice and can negotiate with the prosecutor to discontinue or downgrade charges if appropriate to your matter. This can mean no disqualification period. 

We can offer a fixed fee quote so that you have certainty. We work quickly and closely with you in achieving the best possible outcome because we know how important a driver licence can be to your livelihood and family. Contact us on 0449 833 887 or by the below link for  a free enquiry now. 

We advise:

  • Drink driving
  • Drug driving
  • Driving while suspended by demerit points or high speed; being, over 40 km/h
  • Unlicensed driving
  • Disqualified driving 
  • Disqualification periods
  • Special hardship licence applications
  • Work licence applications
  • Driving without due care or attention (careless driving) 
  • Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle 
  • Driving an uninsured vehicle
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle
  • Failure to stop motor vehicle 
  • Interlock 
  • Forfeiture applications 
  • Non recording of a conviction 

Drink Driving 

We can assist with all drink driving charges including:

  • Driving over the general alcohol limit but under the middle alcohol limit (DUI)
  • Driving over the middle alcohol limit but under the high alcohol limit (DUI)
  • Driving under the influence of liquor (UIL)
  • Drug driving 

Significant penalties apply including long periods of disqualification of driver's licence and terms of imprisonment for repeat offenders. In certain circumstances, you may also be subject to the interlock condition, which means at the end of any disqualification period, you will need to install an interlock device before being able to drive again. 

The first step is to obtain the relevant paperwork from the prosecutor including any traffic history. We can do this for you and provide specific advice to your case. In suitable cases we can also negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf to discontinue the charge or reduce the penalty. Contact us on 0449 833 887 or by the below link for  a free enquiry now. 

Disqualified driving and unlicensed driving

Unlicensed driving is a common offence before the court and often arises due to a loss of demerit points or a suspension by the State Penalties and Enforcement Registry (SPER). Often, persons move houses and forget to update their address and do not receive notification from Queensland Transport. Some types of unlicensed driving offences carry a mandatory licence disqualification period. 

Disqualified driving is a particularly serious offence and carries a minimum penalty of 2 years licence disqualification. Often, a significant fine also follows. 

It is important to obtain advice early. Once retained, we conduct all communication with the court and the prosecutor. We undertake all preparation and you will not have to speak in court. Contact us on 0449 833 887 or by the below link for  a free enquiry now. 

Work licence applications & 

Special Hardship Orders

We act in all work licence and special hardship applications. This requires completion of the Application and the supporting affidavits including that of the employer. We often also recommend obtaining character references which we can assist with. It is important to get the paperwork right as you often have one opportunity. 

We conduct the full preparation on your behalf including completing the application and affidavits, filing the material in court, serving the material on Queensland Transport and negotiating with them before the hearing, and representing you in court. You do not have to say anything in court and we speak on your behalf. 

We can offer a fixed fee quote. Please contact us on 0449 833 887 or by the below link for  a free enquiry now. 

Common Questions

Will I be disqualified from driving?

Some traffic offences carry a mandatory disqualification period such as drink driving, certain unlicensed driving charges, and disqualified driving. The disqualification period will depend on the reading, whether you have any traffic history, and the manner of driving alleged. After speaking with you and considering the paperwork from the prosecutor, we can advise you as to your best options. 

Can I apply for a work licence or special hardship order?

If you are charged with drink driving and wish to apply for a work licence, the BAC must be less than 0.15%. There are other requirements such as not being convicted of drink driving or similar during the last five years. If you accumulated two or more demerit points during a good driving behaviour period or you have driven more than 40 km/h over the speed limit, then the correct application is a special hardship order . The eligibility criteria is strict and we can advise according to the specific facts of your case. 

What is unlicensed driving and disqualified driving?

The law states that a person in Qld must not drive a motor vehicle on a road unless the person holds a driver licence authorising the person to drive. Penalties can range from a fine to terms of imprisonment and in some cases, the court must impose a disqualification period. This could be one month or two years or more depending on the charge. Disqualified driving is a more serious offence and is when a person drives during a disqualification already imposed by the Court.