Commonwealth Crimes


These are offences that fall within the jurisdiction of the Australian Government as opposed to a State or Territory. 

Commonwealth crimes (also known as federal crimes) are more complex than State offences given how the legislation is written.  We have wide experience in these areas of law and find it particularly interesting.

We provide specific advice to your case to assist you in achieving the best outcome. 

  • Aircraft, airport, and aviation offences - including wilful damage on an aircraft, unlawful interference with a crew member in the performance of their duties, threatening the safety of an aicraft (including the use of a laser pointer), bomb hoax, carrying weapons or prohibited goods on an aircraft or through a screening point before boarding the aircraft 

  • Importation or possession of a drug, including border controlled drug, marketable, commercial, and trafficable amounts of narcotic drugs 

  • Child sex offences by Australians in foreign countries - this includes persons who are in a position of trust and authority such as a sports coach, teacher, employer, or religious guide  

  • Child exploitation material (child pornography) including child abuse material

  • Fraud against the Commonwealth Government - this includes Centrelink fraud

  • Threats against a Commonwealth Official 

  • Cybercrimes and telecommunication offences, such as using a carriage service to menace, harass, or offend - this includes using the social media on the internet, telephone, and text messages to do these things  

  • Tax offences - failing to lodge return forms under the Bankruptcy Act, insolvency and trustee legislation or Corporations law, such as failure to lodge tax returns and BAS